Is FSSAI Registration Mandatory?

Is FSSAI Registration Mandatory?

If you belong to a food business organization, then you must have hard that the owners should get their organization registered with FSSAI before they start working on it. Everyone says that this is an important step which opens several roads for a food business. But still, several people must be thinking that Is FSSAI registration mandatory?

The most important question asked is by the small-scale food production companies, as they say, that they are working on a small level then also do we need an FSSAI registration? So if you also have such questions in your mind, then do follow this article till the end as in this article we are going to discuss several things related to FSSAI registration and different level of certificates and registrations of FSSAI.

Is FSSAI Registration Mandatory?

In India, you must be knowing that people face a massive problem of food safety and standards, which means they were unable to get a proper and good standard food quality because of which they were facing several illness problems.

For solving this issue of Food safety and standard, the ministry of India introduced an authority which is Food Safety, and Standard Authority of India, which is short knows as FSSAI. This newly introduced authority is the only reason with the help of which we were able to maintain a proper and high-quality food safety and standards.

Now let us come to the main point, and that was the discussion about various certifications you get for a different type of food businesses. Basically, there are three types of food license that you can get based on your food production unit. But before moving to that, we want to make one thing clear that for any food production unit FSSAI registration is essential and mandatory. There are several reasons behind it that we will discuss at the last of this article. Let us start our discussion about types of food registration categories-

  • The first in the list is Basic FSSAI registration, and under such FSSAI registration, all the small-scale food businesses and this type of registration is called the Basic FSSAI license. Moreover, there are certain limits because of which you can apply for this type of FSSAI registration, and those are, that your business’s turnover should not be more than Rs. 12 lac per annum. If you are applying for this type of license, then this is the FSSAI license that needs a minimum amount of documents plus you would be able to get your application accepted easily in this case of license.
  • The second in the list is State FSSAI license, and under this type of license, those food businesses come which have a turnover of in between Rs. 12 lac up to Rs. 20 Cr annually. In case you don’t know then let me tell you that for food manufacturing and for the trading purpose you need two different licenses.
  • The third in the list is Central FSSAI license and if your food business has a turnover of more than Rs. 20 Cr then your company would have to apply for this license. Under this type of license, you are provided with certain limits within which you would have to work.

These were the three different type of FSSAI license, and all of them are mandatory, and the reasons behind it are as follows-

  • The first and most important thing is with the help of these licenses, you would be able to make a god trust between you and the consumer. As when the consumer has a look at the FSSAI logo on your products and packaging, he will make himself sure that the product he is going to use are safe and are having a good food standard.
  • The second advantage of having FSSAI license is that you would be able to do the trading work with your food products all over India easily.
  • Moreover, with FSSAI registration, they will provide you with proper rules and regulations for working. In case of any problem in your production unit equipment or machinery, they will offer you guidelines with the help of which you can get rid of those problems quickly.

These are some of the advantages of having an FSSAI license.

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