7 Simple Yet Important Questions To Ask Your Calgary Caterers

7 Simple Yet Important Questions To Ask Your Calgary Caterers

For any event, food is one of the most important elements to make it a huge success. So, it is very important that you choose the right catering service provider in Calgary. But, when it comes to getting yourself connected to a reliable wedding or corporate catering Calgary service provider, it is important that you assess each and every aspect before you make your decision. It is not easy as there are several areas you need to look into before finalizing the vendor. A complete list of questions will help you assess if the caterer is qualified to handle your order. We’ve listed the 7 basic questions you must ask when requesting the quotation:

1. Does the Caterer provide Wait Staff and/or Clean-up Services?

Imagine realizing that after a well-designed event, the venue sends you an invoice for their clean-up charges. It is always cheaper to have it included in your catering package. Check with the catering service provider if they offer these services because it can get quite challenging for you to manage it on your own.

2. How will the Caterer Manage Table Set-up and Organization of the Food Platter?

The main difference between ordering on-demand food services and a professional catering service is that the latter will help you set-up the platter and if required the tables as well. Catering service providers will discuss your requirements and organize the food accordingly. But it is important that you have discussed and finalized the details and have got them to include it in their quotation.

3. Who will be the Supervisor on the Day of the Event to Take Complete Care of the Work which needs to be Done?

It is important to have the contact details of the supervisor so you can contact them before and on the day of the event. Regular contact is essential for the event to go smoothly. You will have so many things to manage that day that it is important to have one reliable contact who will be in charge of the food.

4. Do they provide Food for Guests with Dietary Restrictions and Food Allergies?

You might have guests with dietary restrictions including vegan, kosher, and halal. Some guests might have food allergies as well. Discuss these special conditions with the caterer and have some options available for your guests. Are there any kids at the event? You will need to have a kids meal options as well.

5. Do you provide Alcoholic Beverages and are Bartenders Available in your Package?

Almost all the catering service providers in Calgary offer hard liquor as part of their package. Check to confirm this and also if they can provide a bartender to serve at the event. Arrange for a few different types of liquor. You don’t have to go overboard but having the basic options available will keep your guests happy. Don’t forget to check the experience of the bartender – you don’t want a novice to ruin the experience or worse cause legal issues by serving underage guests.

6. Do you provide Tables, Chairs and other Equipment on Rent?

If the caterer does not have this facility, they will always have contacts that can provide the equipment. Check with them for reliable vendors and have this included in the package if required. Equipment delivery, storage, and organization on site is a separate issue but not something you want to take lightly. Ensure that the logistics are discussed with the venue and the vendor – any delays on the day of the event will cause undue last-minute hassle.

7. If there are servers, will they be in uniform?

For a formal event, it is paramount that servers and other staff are in uniform. You do not want the event to be remembered for shoddy clothing and untidy appearances. A uniform will also help the guests identify the staff when they need assistance.

Disclaimer: These are just the basic questions – you should prepare are comprehensive list of questions specific to your event before you solicit any quotations from the catering service providers.

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