Questions You Need To Ask Before Registering Yourself On Google Merchant Feed

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With more than millions of E-commerce site selling products online, how can your product be on the top? That’s where woocommerce google merchant feed comes to help. If you’ve not heard of it then you’re missing out in this buzzing online competition. Through this google merchant feed, you can list your product on the top of google SERP.

  • Why should you list your product in google merchant feed?

Well, when a person is searching a product google shows him/her countless search results. If you’ve not listed your product yet on the google merchant Centre, then people will never visit your store. Why? Because you’re only making product but not making people aware of your products. Until they’re aware of your product there are least or no chance of making them bought your product. By making yourself registered in google merchant center you get global customer access. Now the customer acquisition depends on your product quality.

  1. What exactly is a product feed?

Data feed are just a way to simplify the format of your product in google search result. There are different ways of creating product feed. Like

  • .txt
  • .xml
  • .gz
  • .bz2
  • .zip
  • How does the product feed work?

Once you submit your product to the merchant center you can promote your product to multiple channels. Once you create a promotional data on the feed google reviews it and show it to the most relevant audiences. Mostly google accepts the promotion on the basis of discounts, shipping and free gifts basis.

  • How should you optimize google product feed?

Google product feed needs to be optimized properly in order to list it on the top search result. There are several things you need to pen down. For example,

  • Title optimization
  • Color attribute optimization
  • Dynamic re-pricing
  • Right image selection
  • Update the feed on a regular basis
  • Merchant promotion
  • What does the woocommerce google merchant feed highlight?
  • Google merchant feed premium plugin features allow you to submit various products at a single time. Even you can upload all your products at the same time without any hustle.
  • The standard plugin won’t allow you to upload countless items on your merchant feed whereas the premium version won’t do that.
  • You can even categorize products and classify it the way you want them to show it to the customers by accessing the XML file directly.
  • While in the standard version you’ve to upload different products at a time gap but premium version will allow you full access to uploading files.


If you’re searching for a way to list your products on the top of SERP, then registering yourself on the woocommerce google merchant feed is the only way out. If you’re unaware of the usage of these plugins there are companies who make sure these plugins work fine with your eCommerce site.

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