Choosing the Right Waterproofing Contractors for Your Home Project

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Home is once in a lifetime investment. One needs to pay attention to its construction and maintenance because this is where one is going to spend the rest of his life. Keeping your home in an impervious state, especially in a country where there is prolonged monsoon, so that years after its construction the building remains leak and blemish-free.

There occur leakages and seepages causing ugly corners and spots all over especially on ceilings and walls. You need waterproofing contractors to take up the job for you who can do the job effectively. There are waterproofing contractors in India in every city and town. All you need to know what their experience is and how much skill they are to undertake a job of waterproofing.

Waterproofing is the application of materials which are impervious to water on building surfaces so that water is prevented from penetrating. It is imperative to make a surface water-resistant so that it remains in its proper state without any seepage or leakage.

You need a waterproofing contractor for your building or housing project because they are the ones who have the required understanding and manpower to do the job for you. There are many waterproofing contractors in India. All of them are not certified. You should look for the one who is certified to take up the job of waterproofing and whom you can trust. Another issue that you need to discuss with him is the cost of waterproofing and the time taken to do the same.

There are two broad categories of waterproofing work:

  1. Lower-grade structure waterproofing
  2. Upper-grade structure waterproofing

There are various systems of waterproofing in India. They are coating based, injection-based waterproofing, membrane-based waterproofing, and remedial waterproofing. Coatings are of these types: cemented, bitumen-based, epoxy-based, and polyurethane-based and polyurea based. Injection-based waterproofing is used for point defects. A waterproofing contractor will know the type of intervention required.

Membrane-based waterproofing is of two types. One is of self-adhesive type and the other one is of thermo-setting type. In thermo-setting type, there is the use of a torch to apply the membrane.

Waterproofing is required in many areas of a building here the damp rises up the walls of the building and slowly spreads throughout. Kitchen, toilet and bathroom are vulnerable areas due to perpetual presence of water. Balcony areas also need waterproofing. Roof and terraces are also exposed to rains hence, they too require waterproofing.

One should appoint a qualified and certified waterproofing structure. First of all the basement area requires waterproofing because from contractor.

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