Bored of your interior? Add leather to your decor

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You can trace the use of leather ever since men existed on this very planet. It dates ages back and still is an irreplaceable choice when it comes to durability and quality.

All around the world people give high regard to the leather fabric. It is a symbol of fashion and luxury.

Haute couture designers can see the best use of leather and in a most creative way; these people are a world apart when it comes to fashion, and they use different kinds of fabrics: turning a simple piece of cloth into a masterpiece like magicians.

How is leather derived?

The leather is made from animal skin, more commonly derived from cows, goat, buffalo and exotic leathers such as snake and alligator are also available for making garments and accessories.

The leather is obtained as a byproduct of animal husbandry; while the exotic one is through the means of poaching and black market trading, which makes them rare and more valuable.

Research shows 65% of leather comes from cows while, 15% comes from sheep, 11% from pigs and 9% from goats and Less than 0.2% of leather comes from any other type of animal.

Phases of the leather-making process

During the ancient period, the leather was processed by tearing off the skin from the body of dead animals and then sun-dried and then pounded until ready to use.

While now all the process involving in the leather making is done through leather making industry where – only three phases are involved:

  • preparation of leather for tanning,
  • tanning, and
  • Processing tanned leather.

    Different uses for leather fabric:

    The leather is a very versatile fabric it can be used for making several products – such as binding, clothing, saddle, leather desk accessories, footwear, furniture, gloves, watches, baggage, and several different products

    Why choose leather products?

    Benefits of leather fabric over any other fabric are:

      • Imperishable: Leather is an extremely durable material, and even more if it is of high quality and when it is handmade. Mass produce of any product lacks quality and durability. Therefore, to guarantee its strength choose leather products that are handmade.
      • Fashion statement: it is no doubt to symbolize leather as a part of a fashion statement and statement of luxury. It has been a statement of fashion ever since high-end fashion designers laid eyes into them and it will remain popular for years to come.
    • Eco-friendly: Leather is obtained from animals making it a natural product and apart from that the process of leather making does not involve the use of extensive chemicals and any natural hazard process, making it more eco-friendly in comparison to other synthetic fabrics.
    • Versatile: Leather with its several usages in fashion, furnishing and in making accessories makes it a very versatile fabric.

    Using leather desk accessories will not only enhance the beauty of any place but also fulfills its purpose too. It is an excellent option for decorating and adding a little luxury to your home.

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