Know About The Different Types Of Milk

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Low fat, full fat, soy, skim, rice, oat and almond (badam) milk- with so many options, it is tough to choose the type of milk you fancy.

Dairy is crucial food group which supplies vitamins, minerals and calcium. Especially dairy milk features Vitamins B 12 and A, phosphorous, riboflavin, zinc, magnesium and potassium. Calcium is vital for strength of teeth and bones. Additions like badam in badam milk enhance nutritional value of milk.

Full Cream Milk

It has the highest fat content. It is ideal to make a cup of silky, frothy cup of coffee.

Low Fat Milk

This milk has low fat content, around 1.3% to 1.4%. It also has content of skim milk powder which makes it creamier and boosts calcium and protein content.

Low fat keeps down levels of saturated fat, so it is good to help lower cholesterol levels and improve health of heart. This milk is also good for those managing their weight.

Skim Milk

This has the least fat content with only 0.15% fat. Usually milk powder is added to enhance taste of milk. Diluted taste of milk may not appeal to some but its nutritional benefits make it attractive. Low fat and skim milk have more sugar content.

Lactose Free Milk

This is good for those intolerant of lactose. Lactose is removed making the milk more digestible.

Oat and Rice Milk

They are naturally sweeter and more palatable among non-dairy options but are not highly nutritional. They are low in proteins and sugary and ideal for those with allergies as they are hypo-allergenic.

Soy Milk

This is the best non-dairy option. It is rich in proteins and fats. It is also rich in Calcium and unsweetened versions are good for those who want to avoid sugar.

KesarBadam Milk

KesarBadam milk is milk flavored with Kesar (Saffron) and Badam (almonds). It is a very healthy beverage which rejuvenates the body and provides energy. This drink can be enjoyed cold or hot.

In summers, kesarbadam milk, it tastes good when chilled. In winters, it can be consumed hot to warm up your body. Whether cold or hot, this drink is loved by almost everyone. Since main ingredients are saffron, almonds and milk, it possesses many health benefits.

In case of almonds, they are packed with proteins, minerals and vitamins. They are the healthiest nuts. They are great sources of Magnesium, Vitamin E, and high content of unsaturated fatty acids and proteins of high grade.

The third major ingredient is Kesar or saffron. It is called as the ‘gold spice’ dues to its high value. It is highly reputed for medicinal value, aroma and colour. Saffron is a valuable source of manganese, potassium, selenium and iron.

With the combined impact of saffron, almonds and milk, this drink is chock full of nutrients and is rated as a top most energy drink. If you choose, you can substitute sugar with honey for sweetening the drink. The method of how to make KesarBadam Milkis easily available on the internet on various recipe portals. One can make bulk portions and chill in fridge if you want it cold. It is a great health drink to be had by persons of all ages.

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