How To Use Ancient Technique With Latest Casting Technology?

How To Use Ancient Technique With Latest Casting Technology?

Investment casting companies have come far in terms of techniques employed for casting machine parts. However, very recently investment casting India foundries have tried to go back to the ancient techniques, amalgamating them for better results. A lot of industries had been closed before because of using methods that were too outdated. This new technique of combining the two might prove beneficial for many of these foundries as they will be able to go back in business. Mixing ancient and new methods helps create castings that were not possible before owing to restrictions posed by advanced methods. Old methods had been discontinued as it wasn’t convenient or profitable for foundries to continue casting with them. This new revolutionary method combines the good points of both to casting techniques to produce really good machine parts.

What is the method?

They use the older lost wax technique and use a mould that is precise and detailed, in wax. The company claims that their moulds can copy precisely even the smallest, most intricate machine parts. And with this method it is not difficult to make gigantic parts as well. Then through tubes, the molten metal is poured into the moulds, where the metal sets and shapes itself according to the mould.

The moulds are of fine sand which is laid over the wax and then the shape is transferred onto ceramic so that it is capable of withstanding the hot molten metal.

One has to be extremely careful during this process. Extreme precautions have to be taken to ensure that there is no tiny drop of moisture even. Liquid metal is as dangerous as explosive when it comes in contact with moisture. Sparks can fly and there can be severe accidents if such a thing happens. Partly due to this, the lost wax technique had been discontinued when better methods were discovered. This method however has its advantages over the newer ones.

Along with this, they also make use of 3D printers to make the moulds. It is difficult to make the moulds like older days, by hand. To make it less time consuming, moulds are printed using 3D printers which are precise. 3D printers can make moulds from any material.

Using newer technology they cool the metal faster, also taking care that the metal doesn’t shrink.

Shrinkage has always been a problem in lost wax technique and to avoid shrinkage metal had to be given a lot of time to cool. The new foundries are avoiding this with new technologies.


The mixing of old and new has many advantages. One is getting the precision of the lost wax technique where even tiniest zipper pattern can be easily cast. And by using newer technologies, the foundry can save time and money. There are lesser accidents and better casting quality. A lot of metal mixes can be used and work is done faster. These foundries work with carbon steel, brass, bronze, aluminum, etc.

Investment casting India is gaining great profits by using this mixed technique and it is becoming a revolution in casting technology.

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