A Closer Look At Steel Forgings Process India

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Steel forging is one of the popular ancient processes of metal shaping where desired metal components are formed by applying extra pressure or heat. Today, objective is same but techniques have changed completely. The same forging process is carried out by latest tools and machineries to give precise metal components to clients. Forged component especially steel is incredibly stronger and durable.

Heat Treatment for Steel Forgings India

Steel forgings are usually prepared by heat treatment where tons of scraps are heated inside furnace up to 3000 degree Celsius and melt down properly. Beside steel and iron other metals like nickel, chromium, manganese, or carbon are also added in small amount. Based on amount of metal added inside mixture, it will determine strength and grade of steel forgings.

A Closer Look At Steel Forgings Process India

The chemical process of steel forging should be handled or controlled carefully to ensure maximum strength and durability. Small amount of Fluoride is also added inside mixture to bind particles together and to prepare it work against oxidation. Once steel has been melted down properly or it has been shaped into blocks, it is cooled down finally to convert into solid form.

Drop Forging Process

Even steel metal has been softened completely; it needs correct force and pressure to convert into desirable shape. Leading manufacturers usually involve heavy duty machineries or hammers to convert metal into desirable shape gradually.

=> For closed die forgings, manufactures may use predetermined molds or dies. In this case, metal is dropped inside two dies until desired shape is not achieved well. Closed die is most common forging process where bulk of product can be shaped together. The process is usually good for small parts that require more strength and long shelf life.

=> Next popular category under drop forging is open die process. This forging process is particularly good for fabricating large metal components. Instead metals are shaped; they are controlled with heavy pressure or force. When mechanical properties of metal will change, it will slowly convert to desirable metal shape.

Roll forging Process

As the name suggest, steel is shaped into round form and then hole is punched in the middle of metal part. After continuous force or pressure, metal is shaped into thinner ring with sophisticated tools and machineries. These types of steel forgings are highly suitable for engine parts that are able to withstand heavy pressure or torque.

Steel forgings India

There are many steel forging companies in India and worldwide. For the forging process, crystals inside metal are pressed firmly and repeatedly to create new or smaller crystals. Then they are passed through water or chemical bath to stabilize the crystals and convert it into stronger steel metal component.

In modern technical world, most sophisticated tools and machineries are utilized for forged steel. Engineers or manufacturers are continuously looking for more innovative forging styles to modernize themselves. These modern process not only improve forging process but makes steel forged components more desirable for customers.

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