Here Is A Complete Corporate Lookbook For A Highly Professional Man Who Has An Equal Knack For Fashion

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There is no denying the fact that when it comes to variety of clothes to wear, there is a lot more for women than men. This is not to say that there are not enough brands for men or there is a lack of option. The styling options and the kinds of clothes that men can wear at work are way more limited than what a woman can wear at work. For men the option is limited to pant, shirt, jeans, polo necks and men’s suits. You will not find a man wearing a kurta pajama at work. Unless there is a particular occasion, but for women, wearing a suit, saree, or western formals, all can be thought of.

So today, we will provide something to our dearest male population, which does not get an equal amount of clothing and dressing up tips on the net, as much as women. Buying clothes for men is not a challenge, but when you buy mens clothes you should keep in mind a few of the styling tips that have been mentioned below. These tips are exclusively for working men, who wish to style their dull and boring corporate look a bit, and spice it up a little.

  1. Experiment a little – When it comes to styling and contrasting, men are way more reluctant and cautious than women. Women boldly and freely carry strange colors, but men often play safe with blue, blacks and whites. The first thing you need to do is opt for a little brighter and lively color clothes which are different from what they usually wear. We can assure you that carrying out a yellow, green, purple or red is not as challenging as you think. You do not have to go for the brightest shades of these colors, but subtle ones which can surely make you turn some heads.
  2. Mix – n – Match – You do not have to keep your trouser and shirt combinations limited to the dull and drab everyday combinations. Try out something that you haven’t done before. You can opt for a shade that is a little bit funkier than your regular options. We do not suggest you to go over the top and wear something that does not look formal, but just go for a contrast that is cool and yet not conventional.
  3. Accessorize – This might not be the kind of tip that men come across too often, but this is certainly something you should try out, and implement regularly. Compliment your trouser and shirt with a contrasting tie, and belt. These are two of the most crucial accessories a man should never miss out on, as these are the regulars. Apart from these you can opt for wearing a watch and cufflinks. Many people consider them to be old fashioned, but these are actually classy, and will certainly add on to your overall appeal and personality.
  4. Choose Correct Footwear – There is no dearth of the options of formal shoes for men, but you need to be selective about what kind of shoes can be worn at office. A lot of people are seen wearing sports shoes at office with jeans and shirts. That is a complete no no! When you buy mens clothes, get yourself a classy pair of formal shoes as well, it does not have to be really pointed or glossy, but subtle. Oxford shoes for men are a few of the best options. For a cooler look, you can opt for wearing loafers with jeans and polo necks.
  5. Suit it Up – This is undoubtedly one of those options that can make any man look hot and sexy, provided they are carrying it off well. Even when it comes to suiting, you are advised to move ahead of the browns, blacks and the blues. Please do not buy these dull options over and over again. Depending upon your age and complexion, there are several other colors you can try out. For young and tall men, with a wheat-ish complexion, shades like dark maroon, dark green, light blue can be great. This might sound crazy to you, but check out some of the coolest looks of the leading male celebrities, and you will come across these colors worn by them. For men who are fair, a red-ish, orange-ish color can also work.
  6. Overall Grooming – Apart from clothes you also need to work on your overall grooming. Make sure your hair and beard are trimmed. It is advisable for men also to opt for threading; you can get your stubble boundary fine lined through threading. It also works well for the tiny hair on the ears, and if you have the courage, you might also get your eye brows neatened a bit. Apart from this, you might want to join a gym get fit, and ensure that you always smell good.

 Conclusion – Just buying news clothes for men might not be enough, you should also focus on the overall personality grooming, and work on being a complete gentleman. Following the above tips can certainly make you desirable among a lot of women, and it will also help you feel great about yourself.

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