How Latest Casting Techniques Help Aerospace Industries To Save Millions

How Latest Casting Techniques Help Aerospace Industries To Save Millions

Any industry needs to keep in mind the cost that is incurred. No one can run a huge cost because that just ends up adding to the sale price. Cost is an important factor in every industry and they try to choose things that guarantee maximum quality and minimum cost. While compromising quality is not an option, running a huge cost is not conducive either. Every industry has to keep a hawk eye on cost.

Aerospace is an industry where only the best should be used, however that often means extra cost. Aerospace however cannot endanger lives so it’s really a difficult task when they choose what to use. Better, faster and cheaper shouldn’t always be the mantra. Investment casting India can however provide a solution.

Design needs:

While it is really easy to design something magnificent, a hundred percent secure and efficient, sometimes the tag comes quite heavy, which the industry might crash trying to provide for. An optimum design solution is necessary where the design is efficient as well as sustainable. It shouldn’t break the bank so to speak. What engineers need to do is make something that will meet all requirements, be functional and all that within the budget. Trying to manufacture something simple has a long list of additional costs, along with processing costs. There is material to be bought, labor to be hired and the machines to be shipped. It’s not a cheap task. If something is complicated it requires more material, labor and cost keeps adding up.

What is the solution?

The solution is not simple; one cannot reduce cost of processing because a particular method must be employed to build something specific. Labor is also needed to carry out the process. Therefore the only place where the industry can hope to cut down cost is in material used for production. However there is always the problem that cheap material might lead to less efficiency. Therefore the industry is always in the lookout for materials that are cheap and efficient.

How can investment casting help:

Investment casting is one of the old oldest techniques of forming metals. It provides precision and labor is less. Metal is poured into mould and the most intricate designs could be made. This process can save a lot of money for the aerospace industry because first, the labor cost is less, second, the metal wasted is also very less. And metal can be reused.

Because any design could be cast in this technique, a lot of extra processes are reduced. Engineers can put the most complex valves or gears without exceeding budget. This cannot be done if they had to be carved out of metal, which would cost a lot. Production expenditure is significantly reduced through this method. Processes are reduced and sometimes a bit of finishing touch is enough to get desired product.

However investment casting cannot be used for everything, there are parts which need to use sand casting. But as far as, possible aerospace industry tries to commission the parts to investment castings India to save millions.

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