Start Up, A New Concept In Entrepreneurship

Start Up, A New Concept In Entrepreneurship

Startup is a new approach to the development and launch of businesses and products, from a proper perspective for the small entrepreneur, especially in the field of new technologies. It is based on concepts such as “minimum viable product” and “validated learning” among other interesting revelations will explain below.

Sometimes they arise in network terms that refer to something that we have known before, but in a new version, this is what happens with the term Start Up, recently implemented and is related to the business world. The meaning is very simple and basically can be used to describe similar situations as the beginning of a new company or the idea of starting a new business.

If we analyze regard, we understand that Start Up refers to all those new companies that rely on the latest technological means, which gives them a good apparent projection level despite the little path that have.

In order to clarify a little more this term and give some examples, let’s define some accounts with more features to be completely clear what we are talking about:

It is an SME?. They can identify as an SME, but not always is, because in some cases the word that comes closest is “Experiment”, since you can try a small newly established company ready to devour the market with their technical and art resources or a particular idea without registering as SMEs share the same goals. It can be inexpensive, since generally the founders who choose to undertake this business model, have the necessary knowledge so that it can develop themselves, regardless of the complexity that you have.

It also arouses interest in those investors interested in betting on this type of business, that even knowing the risk they run, put their trust because they know they can be extremely profitable. Generally, life is delimited and in many cases where the Start Up has achieved some success, then has been absorbed by a company that requires powerful technology and services developed by it.

We can say that a high percentage of startups fail in the attempt whether the picture is very successful and gears in organization this perfectly placed, the problem lies in the lack of customers due to the design of a product that does not attract user attention. One of the remedies that apply and seek now is to create a model to meet customer needs and adapt to this the functionality of the Start Up.

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