Liposuction Procedure: Know Some Facts

Liposuction Procedure Know Some Facts

Liposuction is considered to be a procedure that is used for eliminating fatty deposits stored in specific parts of the body. This additional fat is found to be stubborn and does not go away even with regular exercising and dieting. Presently, this procedure is among the most sought over methods to eliminate excess body fat. Even though, it has been stated to be a safe procedure, it is fine tuned constantly to enhance the results. Some of the common areas where fat can be removed safely and effectively from this procedure are the buttocks and stomach.

Brief history of liposuction procedure

There are many people who lay claim to the introduction of this procedure. It was during the early periods of 1920s that liposuction is said to have been first attempted, but with unsatisfactory results. A French Surgeon, named Charles Dujarier is said to have performed this procedure on a Paris based model, who later had succumbed to gangrene complications. Again in 1974, Dr. Georgio Fischer along with his son, Jr. Dr. Georgio Fischer had reinvented it. They were both Italian gynecologists. They used electrical rotating scalpel to cut additional fat tissue in the body by making small incisions. Tool used was probably an oscillating blade within the cannula or thin tube created from metal. In the process, fat cells got destroyed combined with bits of blood and tissue that were removed through suction. This method is said to have paved the way to explore new methods.

Side effects

Many earlier attempts resulted in patients experiencing side effects like numbness, profuse bleeding. Even the results were not that perfect in the areas of fat removal. Special techniques were developed by different surgeons between the 70s & 80s. Different types of equipments were used.


It was a French surgeon named Dr. Yves Gerard, who in 1977 had used a blunt tipped cannula, which resulted in les bleeding. Also the blood vessels and nerves did not get damaged and fatty tissue was easily manipulated. Even recovery time after the procedure was quite less, while post-operative discomfort and pains were reduced. Fewer complications were noticed with less blood loss. The results became much better.

New changes were introduced to the procedure in 1985 with tumescent method being developed by a Californian dermatologist named Dr. Jeffrey Kline. Liposuction was now made possible using only local anesthesia. Less bleeding was experienced and skin did not dimple like before. Cannula was made more slender and much smaller. In Tumescent liposuction, Microcannulas did help remove less fat in a minute, but fat removal was noticed to be much smoother, with the volume being greater.

In today’s age, liposuction has become a routine procedure and performed on a regular basis among men and women. It is carried out in a clinic or hospital setting and performed by qualified surgeons. For numbing or sedation, local or general anesthesia is used. Liposuction surgery treatment in India is carried out of different types like Super Wet or Wet technique, Vaser liposuction, UAL, PAL, LAL, SmartLipo, ProLippo Plus, CoolLipo, LipoLite, etc.

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