LED V/S Fluorescent Lighting – A Comprehensive Comparison

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Before LED bulb technology hit the lighting market‚ fluorescent bulbs were the popular choice of many people. However as the benefits and advantages of LED bulbs started becoming obvious to the discerning user‚ it started replacing standard fluorescent bulbs in many homes and commercial enterprises. Using LED lighting in offices is a common phenomenon. Commercial LED lighting financing on easy terms is available for LED lighting for schools‚ homes and offices.

The biggest difference between LED and fluorescent light is in their consumption of energy and their longevity.

Here are the other points of comparison differences between LED and fluorescent lamps.

LED lighting products are available as single diodes or designed using a cluster of diodes to create a light bulb. Fluorescent lights are available as tube lighting. They are available in various sizes and designs too.

Lasts Longer

LED lighting lasts significantly longer. LED lights of standard quality can provide up to 60,000 hours of light before they need replacement. Fluorescent lighting on the other hand can last only for around 10,000 hours. This means that the lifespan of one LED bulb is equal to the lifespan of six fluorescent bulbs. The cost of commercial LED in California as well as residential LED has come down over the years in a big way.

More Efficient

LED bulbs use about half the wattage of fluorescent light. Over the average lifespan of an LED bulb about 340 KW hours of electricity is used. CFL bulbs will use about 840 KW hours of electricity for the same time span.
In the energy efficiency aspect too‚ LED light bulbs are about five times more efficient than fluorescent lighting.

Less Wastage

LED bulbs provide directional lighting which comes extremely handy in desk lamps and flashlights. The light is focused on a specific area and does not get diffused or wasted. They are also used in status light on electronic devices and vehicle headlights that require focused lighting. Fluorescent lights are used for lighting up large rooms. The lighting from fluorescent lights tends to get diffused and tends to get wasted.

Safe To Use

Fluorescent bulbs contain minute amounts of mercury. This can prove to be a health hazard if the bulb breaks which is highly possible. LED bulbs do not contain mercury or any such harmful gases which makes them safer to use. Fluorescent bulbs may also give off minimal amounts of UV rays which can again make that bit less safe. As they are of a compact size when compared to fluorescent bulbs they tend to be more durable. Thus there is minimal replacement of LED bulbs when compared to fluorescent lights.

Does Not Heat Up The Room

LED lights do not waste energy as almost all the energy it imbibes is converted to produce light. That’s not the case with fluorescent light as it heat is used to generate light. The temperature of a room lighted up using fluorescent light can be slightly more which results in use of more energy to keep the room at normal temperature.

Offers Steady‚ Unwavering Light

LED bulbs provide a steady and unwavering source of light that remains constant right through its lifespan. Other bulbs have a fade out phase with the light intensity steadily diminishing as it nears its lifespan.

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