3 Stunning Web Development Apps For Android

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Android is accounted as the ruling platform in the global market. It might be due to ease of use and interactive interface that user experience while using android devices. According to a recent survey, 81% of the global population are android users while the iOS and Windows users count to 15% and 4% respectively. It won’t be worth discussing why Android apps are in heavy demand. This doesn’t mean that users will go for any app that appears on the top of suggestions. Also, users are specific these days and want the apps that actually worth their device memory, considering their functionality and use. Obviously, even you don’t like an app attacking your device’s overall functionality that you barely open – be it gaming, shopping or any other entertainment.

This, as a result, made developers job tougher than before as they have to come up with an out-of-the-box app that can induce customer’s interest without any much efforts. Their minds are on a constant exercise even when they are on-the-go. And, it is not possible to lug a heavy laptop on every journey they make. Think about all those solutions that might have gone unattended due to unavailability of proper tools. But not anymore, the technological advances have a solution to this as well. Many web development apps have been introduced for mobile android devices that help developers to use their travelling or waiting time more productively.

Fortunately, you don’t need to crawl through the web to find the best apps trending among developers as this post comprises the three most commonly used apps. Let’s have a brief about them:

1)    Solid Explorer: The file system of Android is easily accessible and recognisable but there is a limit to the stock file manager. Solid Explorer is currently in its beta state but still performs stunningly. With this app, you will get:

  1. A two-pane window that allows easy file shuffling.
  2. Multiple view sorting, searching, bookmarking and settings.
  3. Local as well as remote access to the file including FTP, root, SFTP, networks and Dropbox.
  4. A basic yet quick text editor.

It is a wonderful app for anyone who wants to explore the file system even if you are not a development professional.

2)    920 Text Editor: It is an unbeatable code editor on the Android platform with which you will get:

  1. Split files tabs.
  2. Support for multiple web syntaxes such as CSS, PHP, JavaScript and HTML.
  3. Customisable colour coding.
  4. Session handling.

You might not find it quick as basic editor of Solid Explorer, but it is close to your desktop IDE.

3)    VT View Source: Android browsers are quite simple and do not offer developer tools. VT View Source is an innovative app that works well with all browsers and allows you to view the HTML code lying beneath. Once you are done with the installation, all you need to do is share the page URL – VT opens the downloaded files and showcases the source. There are a dozen of colour themes that will make it quite difficult for you to choose the best one.

The list doesn’t end here. There are many more apps available that you can use for the development purposes anytime, anywhere on your Android device. Enjoy flexibility at your fingertips!

Author Bio: Macy Jones is employed at App Xperts – a leading app development company. She strives to acquire more and more knowledge about app development – be it mobile app development or web app development. Every time she finds something informative, she shares it through well-written blogs

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