Majestic Palace, Ashtanga Yoga, and Royal Heritage – Mysore Stands Tall As A Cultural City

Majestic Palace, Ashtanga Yoga, and Royal Heritage - Mysore Stands Tall As A Cultural City

Mysore is a city of royal heritage and rich culture. This former state capital is rediscovering its cultural roots as the popularity of its Ashtanga Yoga has spread throughout the country. Read on to know more.

Come to think of Mysore and you would immediately be reminded of the royal grandeur, historical monuments, rich heritage, and other such aspects of this city. In case you are not much aware of all this, even then the name of Tipu Sultan is bound to ring a bell in your mind. This is, however, not all about Mysore. It has long been known as a major trading city for sandalwood, incense, and high quality silk. As if this was not enough to fortify its significance, Mysore has recently emerged as a cultural and spiritual center and the popularity of its ashtanga yoga is spreading like a wildfire among those who seek effective meditational relaxation. For one reason or other, tourists keep coming to this city in large numbers and tourism has only increased over the years. Hotels in Mysore see a lot of check-ins and check-outs throughout the year.

How to Reach Mysore:

Bangalore International Airport is the nearest terminal to Mysore. There is a rail route from Bangalore to Mysore. Shatabdi is the fastest train on this route. Trains also run from Chennai to Mysore. A four lane state highway (SH 17) connects the old capital to Bengaluru. Long distance buses are run from the central bus stand, while intercity and small distance buses are run from city bus stand.

Where to Stay in Mysore:

There are a plenty of hotels in Mysore which range from budget to luxury. In addition, there are serviced apartments and Bed & Breakfast accommodations, too. Most of the hotels are conveniently located and hence visitors enjoy a comfortable stay.

The Royal Past of the City:

Mysore was originally a village named Puragere that was converted into a kingdom by the Wodeyars and the Mahishur Fort was built in the 16th century. Soon after the kingdom became part of the Vijayanagara Empire although the Wodeyars continued to rule the region under the vassal arrangement. It is from here that the name of the village began to change. In the 18th century, Hyder Ali and Tipu Sultan overthrew the rulers and took the reign of the region in their hands. The city was a center for art and culture and is often called the Cultural capital of South Karnataka.

Major Sites of Attractions in Mysore:

The Mysore Palace which was built in 1912 by an English architect Henry Irwin stands tall as a grand symbol of the royal past of the Wodeyars and the Kingdom of Mysore. The original palace was destroyed in the fire of 1897 and hence this new palace was built in the Indo-Saracenic architecture style. Wooden work, carvings, colorful glasses, paintings, etc. adorn this magnificent palace. The armory has a collection of over 700 weapons. Every Sunday as well as on national holidays, the Mysore Palace is lit by 1 lakh electric bulbs to commemorate the splendor of its bygone days. It is a sight in itself and a must watch attraction for visitors. There are other attractions such as the zoo, museums, temples, nature park, and art gallery.

Take out a couple of days to explore the city of Mysore and enjoy its cultural essence. If you are looking for a luxurious stay, one of the 5 stars hotel in Mysore – Lalitha Mahal Palace Hotel is a nice choice. If you have enough days on your vacation , you can also visit Krishnarajasagar Dam and Brindavan Gardens, which are situated right on the outskirts of Mysore.

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