Most people are always skeptical of going for a surgical procedure to grow taller as it involves a lot of risk and pain with it. But with the reforming and innovative technology, growing tall through reliable procedure surgical measures is a reality now, thanks to the ‘height lengthening’ procedure. This procedure is evolved recently and relatively painless to as compare to the previous methods. It uses minimally invasive technique which creates a surgical cut in bone which gradually elongates the bone and hence increases the height of the person. If you still are not convinced of this measure and want some more information about it then here is the vital information about this surgical measure if you want grow taller.


1) SUB TYPES OF THIS PROCEDURE- this procedure is operates in two ways depending upon the size and shape of the body of a person. It can be operated either through the legs or through the hips.

  • Procedure through leg- in it a TSF (taylor – spatial frame) is inserted in the leg which makes it support the leg as of the real bone till the consolidation period of the new bone
  • Procedure through hip- this method is most reliable as well as least painful as compare to leg method. In this an external device is inserted via the hip.

2) HOW MUCH IT WILL INCREASE THE HEIGHT- Most of the people achieve the growth of 3 inches after the operation that too without any difficulty. People with some effort can grow taller upto 4 inches of height. The basic potential increase through both the method is 15 cm.

3) TIME REQUIRED TO PERFORM THE SURGERY- the average time for this surgery to operate is 2 hours. This time excludes the pre and post anesthesia time of 20 to 40 min.

4) RECOVERY TIME-the initial recovery needs a day or 2 to get out of the pain and resume mobility. Patients can start walking with help of clutches just after 3 days or less depending upon how much they want to grow tall. A patient needs a total of 3 to 5 months to resume to its normal leg activities like skipping, walking, running jumping etc.

5) POTENTIAL COMPLICATION- the potential and the most common problem while operating this surgery is the pin tract infection which can be treated with the help of anti biotic. Joint stiffness can also occur in some cases. Other lesser occurring complications are vessel injury, blood clots, deep infections etc. Most of these injuries are rare as well as can be treated to the complete wellness.

6) PHYSICAL REQUIREMENTS TO GET THE SURGERY- following are the three factors that determine your case to be treated through this surgery or not.

  1. The person should not have any bone disease like vitamin D deficiency etc.
  2. He must also don’t have a bone infection.
  3. He must not be afraid of blood and operation.

This surgery is available all over the world and its success rate is quite high, so if you have taken all the height growth measures and failed in them. Try this surgery.