Cash Advances and Compensation Claims

Cash Advances and Compensation Claims

When you have suffered an injury following an accident that was not your fault it is likely that you will consider making a compensation claim to cover the pain, suffering and financial losses you have sustained. There are a number of ways in which you can approach compensation claims but many people simply acquire the services of a compensation claim solicitor to help them swiftly process their claim.

Although this process can be simple for many, there are some people who are unable to enjoy the same ease of claims as others due to their financial situation. Whether you have previously suffered from financial problems or you are simply struggling to keep up with additional financial burden following your accident, this financial pressure can cause many to avoid the perceived costs of a compensation claim and simply move on without the compensation they deserve.

What is a Cash Advance?

There is a light at the end of the tunnel, however, for those who are financially struggling to pursue their claim. A cash advance is a form of cash payout offered by a large number of solicitors from around the country. Many people are aware of a no win, no fee conditional fee agreement, which allows claimants to pursue their claim without the burden of any financial costs until their claim is successfully won. This prevents claimants from facing any legal or court costs before they have the financial settlement they need to pay them. However, this agreement does not allow for those who are unable to cover their regular day to day costs before the case has even begun.

This is where cash advances come in. Unlike a no win, no fee agreement, a cash advance is payable to a claimant as soon as they are accepted by a solicitor, so they can benefit from the money they deserve before the court case even begins. With the help of a cash advance, the victim of a personal injury can cover any regular costs such as house bills or car bills, as well as those that have been created following the accident. These can include any property loss bills, any medical care costs, or even any loss of income that needs to be covered until recovery is completed or a new means of income is created.

Can I Claim a Cash Advance?

If your solicitor offers a cash advance then it is likely you will be able to claim the money you deserve as soon as your case is accepted. Your personal injury solicitor will simply calculate the amount of money they believe you are entitled to and will pay you a proportion of this sum in advance. This total can be anything from £100 to £2,000, depending on the case in question and the policies of your chosen lawyer. With the help of this money, you can then continue with your life while your case is processed through the courts without facing any additional stress.

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