Bhatinda — The City Where Razia Sultan Was Imprisoned

Bhatinda -- The City Where Razia Sultan Was Imprisoned

Bhatinda, which is also known as Bathinda, is a city of Punjab. It ranks among the oldest cities of the state and its name was derived from Bhati kings. It falls in the Malwa region about 220 km from Chandigarh. This city has a number of artificial lakes and hence it is also called the City of Lakes. It was also called Tabar-e-Hind, the literal translation of which means the gateway to India. The reference might have been relevant in the old times as there were many different international routes around India for the people from foreign lands to enter the region. This city houses the historic Qila Mubarak where the first empress of India, Razia Sultan, was imprisoned. Over the years post independence, Bhatinda has been developing at a high rate and it now has two thermal power plants to its credit. There is also a fertiliser plant and an oil refinery here. The city has one of the largest food grains and cotton markets of the country. NH 7 and NH 54 are the major roadways to get to Bhatinda. The railway station of this city is considered one of the biggest in the entire country. This is not all as the army cantonment of Bhatinda stands as one of the largest in the whole Asian region. With a fast growing economy and rich cultural base, Bhatinda is a vibrant city of the state and the fifth largest in area.

There are a number of places of attractions in Bhatinda. Some of them are:

Rose Garden — Spread in 10 acres of area, this garden contains hundreds of varieties of roses. It is so popular that there are many hotels near rose garden offering an accommodation close to the site.

Lakhi Jungle –– On the way to Muktsar, about 15 km from Bhatinda, falls the jungle of Lakhi. Shri Guru Nanak Dev recited a hundred thousand verses here.

Qila Mubarak — This is the oldest monument of the town and hosts two Gurudwaras.

Zoological Garden — This is a popular spot for picnic and family excursions.

Bahia Fort — It is an old heritage site that has now been converted into a four star hotel.

Chetak Park — This is a park which is very popular amongst children. It has a lake as well where you can hire and boat and enjoy.

Peer Haji Rattan Mazaar — It is one of the revered religious sites of the city where devotees offer their prayers.

Dhobi Bazaar — This is the main market for shopping and buying some souvenirs.

Besides all these attractions, the city of Bhatinda also has several shopping malls which offer a number of brands in different categories. Bhatinda is a nice city for a visitor to explore and look closely at the historic significance of the place or know more about the culture of the state. There are many decent hotels in Bhatinda that offer a great stay at a reasonable price.

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