All Plans You Need To Know Of When You Are Traveling

All Plans You Need To Know Of When You Are Traveling

Settling in for a travel insurance plan can be quite a task if you do not know much about the plans. After hours of online research, visiting different websites and consulting with your friends, if you are still confused about which plan you need, here’s all you need to know.

You need to know the difference between a few insurance policies to get to the right plan, which will give you all the coverage you need. Here is a quick overview of the coverage of each plan and what trip if would work the best for.

Comprehensive Trip Insurance (package)

What most people think of on hearing the word travel insurance is a “package plan.” Few of its many other names are trip insurance, trip cancellation insurance or vacation insurance. All these names are best used to give a description of the plan. The coverage included by this plan are trip cancellations, hurricanes, any interruption, medical emergency, delayed, stolen or lost luggage, evacuation and more. Since this plan covers almost everything, it is the most popular of all. The only difference between this and other plans lies in its trip cancellation. This is the sole plan offering this, and that is why it is known as a “package” for all its additional privileges. This plan is best for cruises, family trips, vacationing, domestic or foreign travel and for any traveler with the concern of losing money on canceling a trip.

Travel Medical

This insurance, as the name suggests, will provide emergency medical expense when you are in an alien country.  Travel Medical is also known by the names of travel health insurance, International Travel Insurance and International Medical Insurance. In case of any unfortunate medical emergency, repatriation and emergency evacuation, travel medical will provide you coverage. In a few cases, travel medical plans offer various style benefits, but these are often limited. Travel medical plans are suitable for travelers leaving their home country, an overseas vacation, and business tours abroad, for overseas relocation for study or work, and for expats residing in a foreign land.


Annual travel plans are very common and useful as they offer a variety of coverage for an entire year of trips. This is best suited for frequent travelers, business travelers, traveling for academics and even for retired people who enjoy the simplicity of the same coverage all through the year.

Specialty Plans

These plans give coverage for one-off needs like car rental, term life and a few other types of coverage that fill the gap between what is already available to the traveler back home. These plans are most suited for ransom, corporate kidnap and extortion, road trip coverage, car rental collision, and medical tourism coverage.

So, choose the plan you think is the best for you.

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