Airport Parking Melbourne

Airport Parking Melbourne

Many airports today are changing with the times and their customers’ expectations. Travelers who leave their vehicles in long-term parking areas or garages at the airport while they take a trip may only want a safe parking spot. Others, however, are asking for additional services that are being implemented at various airport parking Melbourne locations. Car washes, simple maintenance, and security escort service are just a few auxiliary services being offered.

Now think about more helpful services that airports might consider adding in the future. Here are some that travelers may find useful.

Change Machine

Travelers always need change for tips and gift shop purchases. If securely monitored, a change machine would let those who park their cars in the airport’s garage or lot get change while waiting for the shuttle or heading to the terminal. This could help them avoid long lines in the terminal.


If the walk to the terminal is long, there’s a wait for the shuttle, or a passenger is tired or hungry, a snack machine might be appreciated. It would be especially helpful if it added the purchase to the parking ticket so the passenger wouldn’t have to pay with coins or credit. Sweets, fruit, bottled water, or packets of nuts would be welcome before or after a long flight, especially if the terminal shops are busy.

Weather Gear

A stand or kiosk selling or renting umbrellas and rain ponchos could be very welcome in bad weather. Many passengers return from a trip unprepared for an unexpected bout of cold temperatures or freezing rain. Overshoes and face scarves might prove to be additional useful items for business travelers who encounter snow or brisk winds.

Mobile Phone Chargers and Headphones

Inexpensive phone chargers for the car or a wall outlet come in handy for travelers whose equipment is packed in their luggage. They can charge their phones on the drive home or in the terminal while waiting to board their flight. Headphones are often needed for people who misplace or forget theirs at home. These replacement items can be inexpensive and designed for temporary use.

Audio Downloads

Downloads of music, language translations, verbal maps and directions, or other traveler guides may be helpful if provided in the parking area where the passenger is transitioning for the flight. A kiosk that can be accessed with a mobile phone cord might be used instead of passengers searching for these services online or in the noisy terminal.

Weather Forecast Display

A well-lit sign displaying the weather forecast for the immediate area would help travelers whose mobile phones aren’t getting a strong signal or need to be charged. Walking to the terminal or waiting for the shuttle can be miserable in a downpour, especially if rain gear is available in the car. A weather update helps travelers to prepare for their move to the terminal.

Terminal Directories

An airport garage or parking area with a large display of the terminal directory and specific locations would be very helpful as passengers head toward the ticket counter. While this information is available at the terminal, accessing it in the parking area orients passengers in the direction they should go and which entrance to use in choosing the services they want first.

Services like these may seem superfluous to some because they can be accessed online or at the airport terminal itself. But to a busy, weary traveler who may be running late or anxious about catching a flight, well-placed information and support gear can come in handy and be greatly appreciated. Airport managers may want to survey their regular customers to find out which services should be added to make their experience more positive and convenient.