3 Common Camping And Hiking Mistakes

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Camping and hiking are activities that our families and friends often enjoy. However, these activities can be ruined due to some avoidable mistakes. We should be able to properly enjoy wonderful outdoor experiences. Getting advices from experienced camping and hiking enthusiasts could also ensure a successful, safe and fun trip, no matter how long or short it is. We should be aware of these mistakes, learn from them and do things avoid repeating them.

1. Lack of Planning

People often get loss and this could result in heated arguments inside the car about the proper routes to take. This could result in a less than happier start for our camping and hiking group. When we finally get parked and prepare our gears, we could be surprised by park rangers who ask us for permits. Many people don’t know they need permits to use specific trails and make camps. There could also be a few bear sightings in the area and we should have proper protections for our food. In any case, we shouldn’t keep any food in our tent. When it is already late in the afternoon, we should be able to decide proper places to camp. Some parks prohibit open fire and this could be particularly troublesome if we don’t bring a backpacking stove. Many things can go wrong even for experienced campers and hikers. We should have a complete planning. We should study the map before we leave home and have clear idea of directions. Make sure we bring a compass and know how to properly use it. It is important to determine whether permit is required. It is a good idea to ask people about the latest condition of the train. Recent weather could make the trail less suitable for camping or even impassable due to landslide. We should make a list of clothing and gear to carry. It is a bad idea to overload our duffle with unnecessary items. Improper planning can make our outdoor trip a complete disaster.

2. Inadequate First Aid Equipment

This may sound simple but we have heard stories about people who get hurt after only half day of hike. Many people think that they don’t need anything more than a few snacks, water, hat and camera. They may think that they will experience manageable hikes in nice weather with families or friends. While first aid kits will do little to treat serious injuries, many lighter wound should be treated immediately to prevent infections. The quantity and type of first aid kit should be appropriate to the length and intensity of our hike. We should stock enough first aid supplies them and arrange them accordingly based on how we travel. We could label them and write their expiration date. There are recommendations of first aid kits we could get that match the requirements of outdoor hikers and campers.

3. Inadequate water

It should be quite obvious. Many people underestimate the amount of water they need during hotter weather.

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